John Story, Ph. D.

John Story, Ph. D.

John Story, Ph. D.John Story, Ph. D.John Story, Ph. D.

shouldn't you have the same information that national brands collect?

Follow the lead of the national brands

  • measure customer satisfaction
  • analyze what builds it and what erodes it
  • take action to create delighted customers and build relationships

About customer satisfaction surveys


Each survey is customized to meet the needs of your brand and get the information you need from your customers.

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How it Works

  • You answer a short survey
  • You provide your customers with a survey link
  • We do the rest

Why use Storyed Solutions

  • Survey design and analysis by a Ph. D. with 25 years experience
  • Analysis that makes sense and is actionable
  • A variety of other services available, from digital marketing to whiteboard videos

See Sample Surveys

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BASIC Survey

Feel free to take the survey, just as your customers would.

Why survey your customers?

Know why nearly every major brand measures the customer experience? Because it works. Customers tell you what's working, what' not, and what they really want. 

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