John Story, Ph. D.


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Marketing Research, Tools, and Strategy

For the past 12 years, I have helped brands understand their customers and build meaningful relationships. From simple satisfaction surveys, to 360-degree brand health studies, to online marketing, I'm here to help you achieve your business goals. 

Talk me today about how we can work together to build customers' relationships with your brand.


Your Brand Health

My brand health study includes a   

360º analysis of brand perceptions strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Using the latest technology, we include focus groups, interviews, and surveys. 


Our Success is Your Success

Don't leave your customers' relationships to chance. 

  • Measure 
  • Evaluate
  • Build Strong Relationships

Customer relationships

Relationship Investment Model ®

             Relationships = Profits

It's a simple, yet compelling equation.

Relationships can be built, nurtured, or lost.

Understand what creates the unique relationships have with your brand

and how to deepen those relationships and create new ones.